Ways to Make Your Car Last Longer

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Getting from point A to B requires a certain amount of fuel but because of the increasing cost of fuel, you hard earned money easily disappears. It is true that you can’t always control the cost of repairs, insurance rates, and fuel. The only thing you have control is making the lifespan of your vehicle longer. Here are some tips that can make your car last longer. 


    Breathe Easier 

It is important that you change a car’s oil and oil filter on a regular basis. Other filters and fluids must also be maintained regularly. Changing the air filter enables your car to breathe easier and makes the engine last longer.     

    Keep It Cool  

It is equally important to maintain your car’s cooling system and a proper level of coolant as well as the engine’s lube. This can give you a lot of savings from repairs. Lack of proper coolant and maintenance of hoses will more likely result in major problems. 

    Pressure Check 

The most often neglected part of a car is the tires. Most people do not pay much attention to keeping the right pressure in their tires. Not providing your cars with the right pressure not only harms your car but also pose a threat to your safety. It is advantageous to keep the tires inflated to the right level of pressure and maintaining this is very easy. 

    Fully En-gauged 

Your car’s gauges will determine if there is a problem with your oil pressure or even on the pressure of your tires. You must be keen on observing your car’s gauge so that you can determine potential problems before it goes wild. 

   Check Ups 

It is advisable to find a mechanic and let your car be checked regularly of if you suspect that there is a problem.  A good mechanic will let you know about your car and will take care of it the same way a doctor cares for his patient. 

    Look Closely 

It is advantageous to inspect your car every now and then, you can take five minutes and walk around your look and look at it. Determine if the tires are unevenly wearing. Check the hoses and make sure that all lights are working well; this will only need a couple of minutes so it is easy to accomplish. 

    Keep It Clean 

It is crucial to keep the exterior part of your car clean, you must regularly was and wash it. Never forget in cleaning the interior part of your car because it is important as well. You can also vacuum your car to keep the carpet totally clean and remove spills properly as soon as possible. 

    Drive Smarter  

Driving smartly will not only keep you safe but also greatly helps in maintaining the good condition of your car. You must be mindful of the way you drive as to prevent scratches and bumps. 

    Keep it Covered 

Keeping your car maintained and in good condition won’t guarantee that you will not meet any mishaps while on the road, so better be prepared when this happens. There are many companies that provide professional services such as towing, wheel lift, and mud or snow problems. They provide quality work and guarantees customer satisfaction, click here. 

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How to Fix Your Cracked and Chipped Sink 

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Our sinks are important components of our home; it has become a part of our everyday life. With our busy lifestyle and schedules, it would be such a hassle when our sinks become broken or don’t function properly and we even need to call an Emergency Plumber. Even though we pray that it will not happen, but our sinks would be broken for some time, eventually and we want to prepare ourselves for that. 

When this unfortunate event happens, we can call excellent plumbing services so that they can do leak detection and do the job efficiently for us. But if we don’t like to do that because of whatever reasons, we can do it ourselves. Here is a basic guide on how to fix your cracked and chipped sink.  

Chipped Sink

1. Clean and Dry 

When your Sink has just been recently cracked or chipped, the first thing you should do before proceeding on fixing it is to clean it. Using a brush, brush off all dirt, residue, and grime that resulted from the chipping. Apply all-purpose the cleaning solution to a sponge and clean the sink. Wash off with water and dry it with a piece of clean towel, let it dry before proceeding. 

2. Use Sandpaper

After cleaning and drying the sink, you can proceed on sanding it. Find a fine sandpaper, about 500-grit and use to smooth the sharp edges of chippings. The patching material would stick more easily when the edges are smooth, but you should not overdo your sanding because you might damage the surrounding area. 

3. Apply Fixing Substance

Find a porcelain compound that can act as filler for your sink; this is usually available in hardware stores near you. It is better to buy a product that has a color match feature for the color of your sink; you also have to buy a brush.  

Apply the porcelain filler into the gaps or holes by using the brush, be soft on your strokes so that the filler would not be edgy. Get your sandpaper and then slowly rub the filler and the surface around to, to make it flat and uniform. Read the instruction on the filler, and determine the direction for some hours for drying. Follow this and wait before proceeding. 

4. Apply Touch up paint

Fillers, even those that have color feature in them, won’t match the color of your sink, making your sink look ugly. So buy a touch-up paint for porcelain that matches the color of your sink and applies it. Touch up paints also have a water-resistant feature in them, so it also protects your filler. Apply it by using the brush you used earlier, and then let it dry for the indicated time, which is found on its label. You can also use this porcelain touch up to paint scratches in your sink, even without the use of filler. 

5. Consider on Replacingit Entirely 

If the basic fix above wasn’t able to repair your sink, if it still produces leaks or you don’t like the look of your self-repaired sink, you always have the option of replacing it entirely. Replacement would give you a fully functional and fresh-looking sink. If you want to completely replace your sink, you should call a professional. You can get one by visiting www.JCPlumbingGreen.com 

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Reasons to Consider Using a Professional Towing Service

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Is a professional towing service really important? Do you necessarily have to hire a tow truck service provider in order to take your car to a garage or to your home if it malfunctions and cannot be driven completely? In the past, the majority of the drivers would pull the car themselves using another car. While this method actually still happens nowadays in an occasional manner, it is absolutely not recommended for a good reason. This is not recommended because of the fact that there are a lot of things that can possibly go wrong and can create too many problems for you as well as the person who is driving the other car and this is the reason why the help of a professional and reputable towing service provider is extremely important. The moment your vehicle breaks down, your safest and best option is to simply call the most reputable and trustworthy towing company in your area to hire a quality tow truck in Lafayette in order to get you as well as your automobile off the road.   

Towing Service

But, the question is, why is pulling your car using another vehicle is not a good idea at all? The very first reason is that the moment you are not able to hook it up properly and if you don’t have access to strong and large chains in order to hook them together, chances are that your car could possibly come lose. If this is the case, it can potentially veer off the road as well go over an embankment or it might, unfortunately, hit a tree, causing more damage to your vehicle. Even worse, it can possibly veer into the road’s opposite land and hit another car or stop dead in the middle of the road where some driver behind you could potentially hit it.   

Another major reason why it’s extremely important that you hire a professional and trustworthy towing company such as towtrucklafayette.com is the fact that if you decide to do the towing yourself, you can only possibly cause more damages to the back end of your vehicle due to the pulling and to the front end of the vehicle being towed if ever they hit. It is extremely hard to keep the two cars going the same speed, making it easy for the vehicle being pulled to hit the one towing it, causing damages to both vehicles. In addition to that, it is also very difficult to steer a lot of vehicles when they’re running, making it even more difficult to keep the vehicle that is being towed in the road.  

In addition to that, if the engine of the car that is towing is not larger compared to the vehicle being towed, you are surely running the risk of putting a lot of strain on your car and this can possibly cause its transmission to begin slipping or even result in the blowing of the engine. Aside from that, you should also have to remember that in some other areas, towing a car without the use of a certified and actual tow truck is extremely illegal. As a matter of fact, it is also considered as a dangerous practice, which can put other people in jeopardy. If you are doing illegal towing in these areas, you will possibly be ticketed and that can cost you too much money. Most likely, you will have to pay more than what a professional and qualified roadside assistance plan with the help of expert towing service providers would cost you.   

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